Our first research into practice event!

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Thank you to everyone who came and made our first ‘research into practice event’ on 26 May 2016 such a success! The event brought together practitioners and researchers interested in EAL, reading development and primary languages, with a keynote speech by Professor Victoria Murphy (University of Oxford) on the latest research on EAL children’s vocabulary and literacy development. Delegates found it inspiring to  hear what research goes on at the University of Reading, and they appreciated the chance to reflect on research-informed teaching and to forge new partnerships between the university and schools. Some of the presentations are available for download via our workshop and materials page; we will add more as we receive them. 

If you attended the workshop and did not get round to filling in the short feedback form, we would really appreciate it if you could do it now by clicking here. Please do also leave feedback in the comments section below – this means that other people can see and respond to your thoughts and it would be great to use the space below for exchanging ideas and discussion.  If you’d like to take part in our research or to contact us about anything else, please click here. We’d love to hear from you! Thank you! 



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