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Welcome to the Language and Literacy in Education Research Group at the Institute of Education, University of Reading.

About us:

The Language and Literacy in Education Research Group brings together a number of researchers across the fields of education, teacher education, psychology, and first and second language learning. The group is interested in issues relating to the development of language and literacy in instructed, experimental and naturalistic settings. Interests span both first and second language development and pedagogy, monolingualism, bilingualism and multilingualism, including learners of English as an additional language (EAL). The development of literacy is a particular area of interest for several members of the group. Our interests cover learners from the pre-school years through all school phases and into adulthood. Our work includes learners who show typical development and those with special educational needs including dyslexia, autism spectrum conditions and specific language impairment.

In their research members of the group use both naturally occurring and elicited data from language learners, users and teachers, and work within both qualitative and quantitative methodologies. We are part of the University’s interdisciplinary institute, the Centre for Literacy and Multilingualism (CeLM), and as such have close links with English Language and Applied Linguistics, Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences, Modern Languages and European Studies¬†and the International Study and Language Institute. Work from the Language and Literacy in Education research group is recognised for its importance both nationally and internationally. This research group sits within the University’s Prosperity and Resilience theme which mirrors members’ overarching aim to foster language and literacy among all learners as a route to self-efficacy and economic well-being.