Postgraduate researchers

Current and recent postgraduate researchers:

  • Helen Norris (UK): Children’s learning of grammar at KS2: the roles of explicit and incidental exposure (blog on Helen’s research is here)
  • James Wagstaffe (UK): Processing cohesive devices s a second language reader: A mixed methods study
  • Selma Ashikuti (Namibia): The enactment of the language-in-education policy in Namibia: The Hegemony of the English Language over Indigenous Languages
  • Suhair Alhelfawi (Saudi Arabia): Identifying dyslexia in Arabic speakers
  • Maria Aaron: Bilingual education
  • David Arnold (Japan). L2 listening in the EAP context.
  • Onyedikachi Abiodun-Ekus (Nigeria): The literacy experiences of deaf children in Nigeria
  • Denisa Velasquez Flores Balazova (Slovakia): Employers’ perceptions of university graduates’ communicative competence in the workplace: A case study in Bratislava/Slovakia
  • Fang-I Chu (Taiwan). English learning motivation in a Taiwanese university context: A study of its dynamic nature from socio-dynamic perspectives.
  • Emre Debreli (Cyprus): The impact of teacher training programmes on pre-service teachers’ beliefs about teaching and learning English in Cyprus
  • Nayr Ibrahim (France): Language, literacy and identity of bilingual primary school children in Paris
  • Barbara King (UK). CLIL and speaking outcomes in MFL lessons in the UK context.
  • Ruth Koro (UK). Rethinking the Foreign Language curriculum through content and language integrated practice.
  • Sheikha Majid (Malaysia): A Translanguaging Perspective: A Study of Malaysian Teachers’ Medium of Instruction in the ESL Classroom
  • Zdislava Şişkova (Czech Republic): Lexical richness and cohesion in essays of Czech learners of English
  • Suttawan Sriwantaneeyakul (Thailand): The development of critical reading in a second language
  • Lily Ye (China): Beyond culture shock: understanding the changing experience of Chinese students in the UK
  • Xiaorang Zhang (China): The impact of residential courses in the UK on the professional development of Chinese teachers of English in the western provinces of China.
  • Yun Wang (China): Individual Differences in Listening Comprehension among Chinese Learners of English