Academic staff researchers

Dr Naomi Flynn: Pedagogy for teaching children with EAL; effective teachers of English; policy for teaching English; developing teachers’ subject knowledge for teaching English/ EAL through on-line learning spaces; the position of English as a global language.

Professor Suzanne Graham : Second language learner strategies; motivation; second language listening comprehension; second language pedagogy and teacher cognition; transition across different stages of language education

Dr Holly Joseph: Reading development and difficulties; incidental vocabulary acquisition during reading; discourse level processing during reading; skilled adult reading; reading in children with comprehension difficulties, ASD, dyslexia and in children with EAL

Barbara King: MFL education; primary languages; content and language integrated learning (CLIL); learner identity

Dr Daguo Li: Motivation; language learner strategies; second language pedagogy; professional development for second language teachers; international education; intercultural communication

Dr Daisy Powell: Literacy acquisition; in particular the development of word-level reading and spelling skills in typically and atypically developing children. Understanding the link between Rapid Automatised Naming (RAN) and reading development. Reading ability and academic attainment in young adults. The development of number skills

Professor Brian Richards: First and second language acquisition; bilingualism; vocabulary development; language assessment. Currently working on an analysis of the discourse related to ‘grammatical correctness’ and the debates and controversies arising from this.

Rachel Roberts: Discourse in Education, particularly in ITT; Transition between key stages; the use of Media and Moving Image in the classroom; Expertise in teaching; Observation as part of ITT and CPD in education; Teaching of writing at KS2 and 3

Dr Alison Silby: Theory and practice of teaching English in primary schools; children’s literature: exploring gender and identity; transition in primary education: impact on writing; literacy and inclusion; supporting literacy through primary music education; Qualitative research methodologies

Stephanie Sharp: Literacy and transition between KS2 & KS3

Professor Rhona Stainthorp: The development of reading and writing including spelling and handwriting; precocious reading ability; children with reading difficulties; effective teaching of reading and writing; Reading ability and academic attainment in young adults